Disney Attacked by Hacker Group.

Hacker group hacks Disney employee data

The big company Disney was also hit by a cyber attack this year. A hacker group called NullBulge claims to have stolen more than 1 TB of data from their employees' internal Slack platform. This collection of stolen data was first seen on BreachForums last week. Even though it has been deleted from the hacker's website, this data has actually spread on the internet.

According to the WSJ report, which saw several files, Wednesday (17/07), the leaked data relates to internal conversations between Disney employees about software development and website maintenance. 

It's also called an internal employee channel, there are always interesting chat ingredients to look at. In the leaked data, the WSJ saw chatter about potential job candidates down to trivial topics such as pictures of employees' pets. This data is known to come from 2019.

Check Further Information: https://link.bicolink.net/rC0acTqhH

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